East Africa

Music plays an important role during divine services and the work of God in general. It is also one of the unifying factors which transcends language and cultural differences.

Choir Practice: Choir practices take place on weekends, every Saturday. Some congregations also conduct choir practices during weekdays and on Sundays after divine Service.

Music Training: Music lessons for Choir leaders takes place during school holidays.

Orchestra: Recorder ensembles have been set up in various congregations in Nairobi and Dar-es-Salaam as a starting point for the development of the orchestra in the region. A young orchestra is under development with players from Nairobi and Dar-es-salaam.

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Once Jesus said to His disciples, “Let the little children come to me”. In support of this core statement, the New Apostolic Church embraces children and provides spiritual care to them. Sunday school divine services are held when children close school and at the opening of the new school term.

A set curriculum is taught to children depending on age. A four year Sunday school course – age 7-10 years, a three year Religious Instruction course – age 11-13 years and a one year Confirmation course – age 14 years are being implemented.

Teachers to the respective courses are appointed according to the needs of the congregation. In addition to the formal lessons, a wide variety of informal activities (such as outings, games) are undertaken. This ensures close spiritual fellowship between the children as well as their teachers.

At this age, foundation for future musical development is laid into the children. They are exposed to choir singing and encouraged to play recorders. Children choirs participate in divine services and other occasions.

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After confirmation, at 15 years of age, the young people are encouraged by the parents, youth leaders and their ministers to join youth activities. The youth activities include; youth meetings, discussions on our faith and matters related to youth, games, choir, bible study, life skills etc.

Divine services specifically for the youth are held once every month. These divine services are very meaningful to the young people because they focus on their everyday spiritual and natural challenges.

The young people are also encouraged to participate in all other congregational activities. This exposes them to church life and bonds them with the rest of the congregation.

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All our members are entitled to individual pastoral care free of charge. Pastoral care embraces personal discussions about matters of faith as well as challenges of everyday life. This takes place at church or at the member’s home. 

Divine services take place in the congregations on Sunday mornings and Wednesday or Thursday evenings. In addition, divine services are held on all recognized Christian festive days. Funeral and wedding services are also held when need be.
A New Apostolic Church divine service has many facets; which incorporates the sermon, prayers, celebration of Holy Communion, fellowship with our brothers and sisters, singing and blessings.

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