East Africa

Tanzania, also called the United Republic of Tanzania is the largest country in East Africa with a Total area of over 900,000 square Kilometres and a population of 46.2 million people. It contains Africa's highest mountain, Mount Kilimanjaro and the World’s second largest fresh water Lake Victoria. The country is divided into 30 regions: five on the semi-autonomous islands of Zanzibar and 25 on the mainland in the former Tanganyika. The head of state is President Jakaya Mrisho Kikwete. The capital city of Tanzania is Dodoma. Dar es Salaam is the commercial capital. Tanzania's population consists of approximately 62% Christians, 35% Muslims and 3% followers of indigenous religions

The Overall leadership of the New Apostolic Church in Tanzania was placed under the District Apostle Shadreck Mundia Lubasi since March 2009. The Lead Apostles are the closest co‐workers of the District Apostle. They lead the church in Tanzania by bringing together all the Apostles in the country. Tanzania has two Lead Apostles, 10 Apostles and 11 Bishops. The working area of a Lead Apostle consists of several Apostle working areas. The total membership is approximately 360,000 and is served by over 4,800 ministers in over 2,200 congregations.


The country office of the New Apostolic Church in Tanzania is located in Dar- es Salaam. It is has a total of 14 employees. These employees provide services to the Apostles and Bishops and congregations. The main tasks of the country office include:-

  • Organization of special events and divine services
  • Construction, monitoring and maintenance of church property
  • Bookkeeping and controlling administration of membership data
  • Coordination of activities and public relations work



The New Apostolic Church in Tanzania looks back on a 34‐year history. In 1979, some Zambian brothers who included Apostle Frank Mwape (SEA) testified the New Apostolic faith in Dar es Salaam. The first members included the 17 year old boy Zachariah Deuly (now lead Apostle). He was later sealed in Zambia amongst other two brothers.

In 1980 Apostle W. Vovak conducted a divine service in Dar es Salaam and sealed 24 souls thus laying the foundation of the New Apostolic Church in Tanzania. The first congregation was established at Mtoni in Dar-es Salaam. Later that year, District Evangelist Kratt and Shepherd Adolf Eichsteller were commissioned by District Apostle Michael Kraus for missionary work in Tanzania.

In 1981, Zacharia Deuly, Mathias Nzarombi, Justine Mwegoha, Ambokire Mwakatwira, Tadeus Ngonyani were ordained as Priests and John Ogunda ordained as a Deacon in a divine service held in Malindi-Kenya by Apostle Wilbert Vovak. In the same year, Apostle Vovak conducted another divine service in at Kibugumo where he ordained Sebastian Maneno a Priest (now lead Apostle). A total of 142 souls were sealed on that day.

In 1983, Mathias Nzarombi and Justine Mwegoha were ordained as Apostles in Germany by Chief Apostle Hans Urwyler.

In 1884, Priest Sebastian Maneno brought the testimony to the Islands of Zanzibar and Pemba. There are presently 480 members in 10 congregations in Zanzibar.

In 1985, District Apostle Michael Kraus visited Tanzania

In 1986, Zacharia Deuly and Japheth Runyoro were ordained to Apostle Ministry in a Divine service held in Canada by Chief Apostle Hans Urwyler

In1987 District Evangelist Hecht, now Apostle was commissioned to missionary work in Tanzania by District Apostle Michel Kraus. He ministered in Tanzania for 21 years

In August 1994, Chief Apostle Richard Fehr visited Tanzania and ordained 8 bishops for the country.

In November 2007 Chief Apostle Wilhelm Leber visited Tanzania and commissioned Apostle Shadreck Mundia Lubasi to become District Apostle Helper for East Africa.

On 29th March 2009, District Apostle Helper Shadreck M. Lubasi was ordained into the District Apostle ministry for the newly formed East Africa District of the New Apostolic Church.